1. Our growing wall of doodles.


  2. We made LumpyLand during a week long workshop / game jam last week in Santa Barbara. It was great to work with a group of scientists and international game designers at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis.

    The player is in charge of managing the balance of capital resources on LumpyLand, an extraterrestial colonization, and is simply told to not let what happened on Earth happen again on LumpyLand.

    It’s a fast-paced resource management game that’s more about the frenzy than it is about the strategy. People multiply like rabbits, and even more people are rocketed in to LumpyLand from Earth.

    The flow of the gameplay illustrates how explosive and unrestricted population growth can make the balance of capitals more and more difficult to manage.

    Your score is counted in the number of years that your civilization sustains before its inevitable collapse.


  3. Found a wild cat slug!


  4. Here are some photos from last night’s IGDA NJ’s arcade night.

    It’s always great to to meet local developers and see the various games they are making. Many thanks to everyone who came by!

    More photos can be seen on the IGDA NJ’s Facebook page.


  5. BETULARIA up and running on Wii U devkit.


  6. Something small in progress.


  7. The intensity of the background’s redness indicates how visible you are to the predators.


  8. took a small break to make this animated gif of sheep- our accounts manager.


  9. This past weekend at NYU Game Center’s Spring Fighter tournament.

    More photos here.


  10. Animated gifs of BETULARIA.


  11. We’ve continued working on BETULARIA for the past few months and showed it at the ITP Spring show. It was great seeing people play.

    We also have a website for the game, check it out!


  12. Here are some photos of people playing BETULARIA at the Different Games evening reception on Friday.

    It was a great meeting new people and seeing them play. We were also able to take this opportunity to user test the game.

    Many thanks to the Different Games team for organizing such an awesome event.


  13. Our friends, Claudia and Matteo from We Are Muesli, came to visit New York last month. It was so nice to see them again!

    We doodled together. It all started with how much water there is in a toilet. XD


  14. Come play BETULARIA tonight from 6 PM - 10 PM at the Different Games Conference in New York City.



  15. moth studies to help with character designs.
    sometimes drawing details can help simplify.