1. Screenshots of some recent work on EXPOSURE levels. In these levels, the environment shifts in response to your touch.

    EXPOSURE will be one of the games at the IGDA NJ Arcade on Sept. 30th, so if you’re in the area come by and play!


  2. Photos of EXPOSURE being played at Boston Festival of Indie Games. Thanks to everyone that played, we had a great time!


  3. We are bringing EXPOSURE to the Boston Festival of Indie Games on September 13th.

    Check out the full lineup of games here.

    If you’ll be in Boston that weekend, consider attending the festival! Say hello, and play EXPOSURE for a bit!


  4. The game we’ve been working on and have been calling “BETULARIA” now has an official title: EXPOSURE.

    We’re developing it for PC / Mac / Linux / Wii U.


  5. Announcing: The Sheep’s Meow

    The Sheep’s Meow is an independent games studio based in the New Jersey / New York City area.

    The Sheep’s Meow is currently developing EXPOSURE, a game of hiding. It is scheduled to be released for PC / Mac / Linux / Wii U in 2015.

    Like us on Facebook: thesheepsmeow
    Follow us on Twitter: @thesheepsmeow


  6. Update on our wall of doodles.


  7. Here are a couple of flyers showing some of the games our students made during the Video Game Design for ages 8-12 at the Montclair Art Museum’s Yard School of Art. The tool used for this class was Scratch 2.0.

    The class also made a motion detecting welcome screen for the parents and guests for the exhibition. Each student made and scripted their own sprite.

    We really enjoyed teaching again this year and look forward to doing more.


  8. What EXPOSURE looks like in motion.


  9. I haven’t visited my Animal Crossing town in nearly 2 months!

    This… should not happen again.

    The personalities of characters have make it difficult to not feel guilty about periods of absence. I had the Beautiful Ordinance active so my town wasn’t overrun with weeds upon my return.

    But I did receive a good-bye letter from Chief. :[


  10. Our wall of doodles is growing!


  11. indiecade:

    IndieCade #screenshotsaturday Showcase July 26

    Sorry this week’s update is so late, everyone. Normal Service should be resumed within a couple weeks. This week the flux manifolds had ruptured.

    Each week we feature 10 screenshots offered by developers currently working on games for submission to the IndieCade Festival. Here are this week’s selections (in alphabetical order).

    BETULARIA by The Sheep’s Meow

    Boogey Boy by Goon Studios

    Dual by Sebastian Gosztyla

    Galactic Keep by Gilded Skull Games

    In Exilium by Conflux Games

    Knight Squad by Chainawesome Games

    Lords Of Xulima by Numantian Games

    Paperbound by Dissident Logic

    The Museum of Simulation Technology by Pillow Castle

    The Sun Also Rises by Horse Volume


  12. Some of the variety of environments in EXPOSURE.


  13. We made light paintings!


  14. Our growing wall of doodles.


  15. We made LumpyLand during a week long workshop / game jam last week in Santa Barbara. It was great to work with a group of scientists and international game designers at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis.

    The player is in charge of managing the balance of capital resources on LumpyLand, an extraterrestial colonization, and is simply told to not let what happened on Earth happen again on LumpyLand.

    It’s a fast-paced resource management game that’s more about the frenzy than it is about the strategy. People multiply like rabbits, and even more people are rocketed in to LumpyLand from Earth.

    The flow of the gameplay illustrates how explosive and unrestricted population growth can make the balance of capitals more and more difficult to manage.

    Your score is counted in the number of years that your civilization sustains before its inevitable collapse.